TB12™ Looped Resistance Bands

TB12™ Looped Resistance Bands

$ 25.00

The TB12™ Looped Resistance Bands are available in 4 different tensile strength levels (Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy) and 2 different size lengths (13" and 41") to support exercises targeting all muscle groups. These bands are seamlessly pressed together rather than glued at a seam — meaning they can stand up to the toughest workouts and the test of time.  If for any reason your band breaks, just contact us and we'll get you a replacement!

Our TB12™ Looped Band Kit (Advanced) and TB12™ Looped Band Kit (Starter) are also available for purchase at a greater than 10% discount compared to buying each component individually.  A kit includes a high-quality, portable door anchor and 2 high-strength carabiners specifically designed for in-home use and for easy set-up and take-down for use on the road.  2 velcro linking straps are included to support exercises that combine multiple bands. The kit comes with a TB12 drawstring bag to keep it all together.

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